The Magic Formula to a Healthy Mindset is Money, Abundance and Meeting All Your Needs

There are three components to Network Marketing, says trainer Jay Kubassek, “Mindset, Marketing and Mission.” Well I discovered 3 components to the mindset of a Good Network Marketer and they are Money, Abundance and fully Meeting Needs. Your Money Mindset started around age 9 when you thought independently around the subject of money. You began to make choices with money while observing the choices your family made. This shaped your experiences with money which in turn helped form the attitudes, beliefs and values you have today.

Also influencing your money mindset is the cultural values in society regarding money. What does money represent to you? To me money represents energy. It is like the smallest form of exchange we have to measure things with. We save it, we spend it and we need it to survive and meet our needs. Did you know that it is a scientific fact that all matter broken down to its smallest components is made up of energy and information?

You and I are made out of the same cosmic particles. The only difference between us is how that energy and information is organized. What actually is moneys function in the world? Well money is a measurable value we have placed on everything in the human world to help meet our needs with. The days of trading chickens for weaved baskets or cows for tools are over. Money allows us as individuals and as a community to more effectively meet all of our needs.

Do you have a healthy mindset around money? In our home business, as team leaders we will work with many people with many different money mindsets. From the extreme of poverty to the very greedy, like the scrooge who only wants more money for money’s sake, a healthy mindset and a good team leader will have found the middle path using money effectively to meet all of their needs through their home business. Abundance is the key to a healthy mindset. Life really is a miracle here on planet earth.

Did you know that all live duplicates itself? The apple seed, given love and the right nurturing becomes the orchard. A man and a woman’s love given the nurturing become a family which eventually becomes a community. In business, when you invest your energy into duplicating the business system you have in place, you can achieve financial freedom.

Have you ever heard of that Buddhist expression, “Man is a God clothed in rags?” Our rags are pretty complex. Our cells duplicate themselves so completely that every 7 years we are a brand new person. A group of cells makes up tissues. A group of tissues makes up organs. A group of organs makes up systems and a group of systems makes up a human being. In fact humans are made up of 14 systems all working synergisticaly to give us life. These 14 systems absolutely need each other and the life-supporting systems of the earth around them for us to survive.

So humans are naturally great at needing and wanting things just by virtue of being alive. Meeting our needs is what we do best. As home business owners with a healthy mindset around meeting needs, we know that improving our financial health is just one area in our life. Have you ever heard of Abraham Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs? His pyramid represents the entire picture of human needs.

On the very bottom level is our physical needs, such as food, water, shelter and clothing. The second level is our safety needs: freedom from sickness and harm. This level also includes our need for security of job, family, home, morality, health, etc. As a society, we take a portion of the money we make in the form of taxes and put it towards the infrastructure in our community that helps better serve these needs as a whole. The third level is our needs for love and a sense of belonging. This includes having family friends and a community.

The 4th level is our esteem needs. This level includes our needs for self-mastery, recognition, knowledge or education and new skills. The 5th and top of the pyramid represents our need for self-actualization. This is when we specialize in something, reaching our full potential. We use our special knowledge, gifts or talents and in turn touch the lives of others out of service to mankind.

Money is required to meet the needs on every one of these levels! Yet having more and more money doesn’t mean we are necessarily meeting all of our needs. In Network Marketing we are in the business of meeting people’s needs with our special products, services or information. With starting a home business opportunity we also help people improve their financial needs.

An unhealthy mindset of new business owners would be making statements like, “with my new business, I don’t have to send my children to College anymore. Now they won’t be slaves working 9-5 jobs. They can have everything they ever wanted from their own home business.”

This is a good example of someone pursuing money for money’s sake. It doesn’t include meeting needs on any of the other levels where needs must be met. This to me is a Scrooge mentality. Developing a Personal Wellness Plan can help you recognize your needs and begin to make improvements by giving more attention and awareness to all of your needs. You start by making a list of the following areas to improve.

Physical needs, Social needs, Financial needs, Emotional Needs, Environmental needs, Intellectual needs, Spiritual needs and Occupational needs. Under each heading write out A, B, and C. For example under Physical, A: more exercise, B: eating healthier foods, and C: prevention of illness.

Then you write out next to each one specific goals you have to meet these needs.

A: new exercise program that includes my children, B: cutting out white sugar and coffee and more fruits and vegis, C: more hand washing, build a healthier immune system. Next to that are things you are already doing to reach those goals. Beside that column you can write out other things you can do to reach those goals. The purpose of a wellness plan is to look at your overall picture of needs and make a commitment to improving each area of need in your life.

The result is a healthier mindset about money because money is tied to way more than just meeting our physical needs. It is needed to meet your baser needs, your day-to-day needs as well as your intellectual needs. The end result for everyone in home business is to reach their highest potential working in service to others by helping them meet their needs.

Having careers in the Networking Marketing Industry or Direct Sales Industry can help us to grow in many other areas than just financial. Personal development is apart of our training. So take some time today and think about what money means to you. Ask yourself how you perceive abundance in your life? Working towards meeting your needs on all levels in life and helping others to do the same will ultimately give you a healthier money mindset!

Please email me for a copy of a Personal Wellness Plan format so you can fill in your needs, set specific goals and create an amazing map of your personal needs and how to reach your goals. Optimum health means optimum performance. A healthy money mindset will give new recruits and your team a natural reason to gravitate towards your leadership.