How Ego Can Make You Broke In Your Business & Spirit

Aside from the fact that ego stands for Edging Greatness Out, I’m going to bridge the gap of ego and brokenness for you.

But first a little back ground on the origin of ego…

…When we say “I” we are referring to our Ego. It is our perception of ourselves.

Egos are only different on the surface from person to person but deep down they are all the same.

Here is what I mean by that.

Ego is constantly struggling for survival. The concept of “I” can not survive along with the concept of “others.”

When we criticize another group or individual it makes us feel superior. That is our ego hard at work creating separation.

Even criticizing other people’s unconsciousness is not to be judged so that you feel superior. This is something I struggled with as I made my journey into awareness.

Like criticizing, complaining is a story that our mind makes up that supports our separation from others as well. Complaining or creating negative labels about others creates more separation and it is the ego supporting this “separate” mentality.

Obviously you are starting figure out, that with out this separation the ego can not survive.

Resentment is the next level of complaining. When you resent things about others no matter what it is, your ego loves it. It creates more separation from others and supports the ego even further.

We have a dysfunction of our collective consciousness when we judge while going through the process of becoming aware. That simply means that you can not tap into the collective conscious if you’re judging others who are a part of that collective consciousness.

The more “me” or “I” in my language the more dysfunction and the more I support my ego. Most have an unconditioned unconsciousness. Non reaction to their unconsciousness is critical.

So be patient with others.

Respond to situations don’t react.

So the $97,999.98 questions is this, how often can we focus on being more conscious & aware?

Well that is the real question now isn’t it?

Just realize the ego does not like change and it will pull many tricks to keep you from your awareness.

Awareness and ego can not co-exist. Struggle is the ego resisting change. Be IN the moment.

Are you resisting as you read this or maybe even offended?

That would be your ego.

People who are easily offended never run out of ways to be offended. They are addicted to being upset or angry. Through reacting to these concepts they re-enforce their ego’s survival.

Much in the way that people react to the idea of a home based business and that they are scams, pyramids or the such. This would be their egos in play. They get to be right, there for their ego keeps them from change.

The ego wants to make others wrong so we are right. As I’m sure you are starting to understand, you can respond to these kinds of situations by being objective about the situation rather than reacting.

Investigate your past grievances but realize the past has no power in keeping you from being in the moment unless you choose to let it. Other wise “I love you” is my favorite let it go phrase now.

It all comes full circle for me when I remember the saying, “let go and let god.” I choose to relate this to, “be one with the collective consciousness.”

I believe that to be a fact.

The other acronym for ego is Edging God Out…

So how does all of this have to do with your finances or lack there of in your business?

With all of that separation the ego creates, how can you possibly connect with the right people in order to grow your business abundantly?

Network Marketing is all about attraction. If you’re not attracting the people you want, look at why they possibly are not attracted.

I’ll let you marinate on that one.

You can go to for some answers when you’re done.