Get Real About Your Business

How would you like to have a Truly Profitable business and life?

Here’s how:

I heartily recommend a process that’s easy and most importantly, effective to do. It’s called a Time Audit. This simple, yet powerful process will help you to clear away the “fluff” from your weekly schedule so that you spend your time and energy on what really matters most.

Here’s what happened for my client…

I recently coached one of my clients, Jim, on how to do this process. This 30 minute exercise instantly showed him where the “time leaks” were in his business. He carefully evaluated all of his memberships and committee commitments and then streamlined his schedule by letting go of the groups and organizations that were no longer in perfect alignment with his goals. (Sometimes we get comfortable in our routines and stay on in roles and programs that are no longer a good fit.)

Jim’s results?

His activities are now “high-return” and making these shifts immediately brought him closer to his professional and personal goals, which meant higher-end clients and more “flex” time in his schedule to create and implement new profitable projects.

Time is your most precious commodity. Period.

Here’s what to do: Take 20-30 minutes to sit down and do a review of how you spend your time. Grab a pen,some paper and get down to business. (Tip: schedule your Time Audits quarterly to keep track you time and Return on Investment or ROI.)

Doing the time audit will immediately and precisely how you spend your time. It may shock you. The Time Audit will explain why you “never” seem to have enough time! The information you glean will allow you to decide which activities are “keepers” and which to let go of.

Be completely honest with yourself and write down on paper or computer what each of regular on-going commitments (be sure to include business and personal). This means all clubs, organizations, meetings, lunches etc. EVERYTHING. Add up the total amount of time you expend each month. Be sure to account for everything…drive time to and from events, extra social get-togethers, buddy lunches, etc.

Great job. Now you’ve got a very clear picture of how and where you are investing your time and energy.

Here are a few important questions to ask yourself:

*Is this commitment truly serving me in the highest possible way?
*What is my ROI?
*Is it time to move on?

Design your day with high-return activities. (I define high-return activities to include both business & personal items which bring you closer to the money AND what energizes you). Try this process. I promise that doing so will give you an abundance of time, energy and cash flow. Carpe Diem!