Abundance Challenges? Frustrated? Need a New Angle?

Are you brand new to MLM business? Looking for a new angle? There are sooo many programs out there that all say the same thing in a different way. Well today’s article is going to surprise you because I’m going to say something different; than what you would expect.

If you are a seasoned veteran of MLM this will surprise you, too because I’m not going to talk about “traditional” methods to grow your MLM business. So if you’ve tried other “programs” I’m guessing they didn’t work or you wouldn’t be here, right?

This is my fourth MLM business venture (adventure). The first three companies had products I was sold on or I wouldn’t have considered “selling” them; the marketing plans were actually pretty decent. One of which I’m still collecting a tiny residual income from (it doesn’t pay the rent, but it’s free money). I just found I couldn’t maintain the high level of sponsoring and training that was required, so I let them slide, my dreams along with them.

I thought my biggest problem was reaching enough people and finding the type who had what it takes to be leaders in the MLM business industry. I was frustrated! So what’s changed? Me! I did some work on me! What I found were “patterns” or “programs” running my life and business. Answer this: how many businesses have you tried? What went wrong? There is always “something” that comes up that “sounds” like a good excuse to move on. But wait, could there be something else going on?

I’ll use some of my business history as an example: the first time I discovered the MLM business industry I was a young mother of three, recently divorced and looking for a way to stay home with the kids. I did pretty darn well considering I claimed to hate selling. But I took another study path and let my MLM business slip through my fingers. Telling the kids we weren’t going to get our dream home after all.

My second MLM business is the one I still get a little check from every month (so the process really does work). The company changed a very strategic part of their compensation plan and I used it as an excuse to stop prospecting.

Then came number three. My day job was a business venture with two partners, whom I thought I knew well. They “cleaned me out” and I lost everything. Went through bankruptcy, moved out of state into a pretty depressed area where no one wanted to hear about what I was selling. They thought “supplements” were something the newspaper added to the sunday paper.

Number four never made it out of the box. The company went belly-up right after I had spent all my savings on inventory. Oh well. Sorry! My new working environment (no longer self-employed) was pretty hostile toward me and I allowed one person in particular to “get to me”. I gave myself a heart attack over it. Then a fire took my home and I lived in a tent in the backyard for four months. This was the second time I had lost everything.

I have downsized my wages from $75 to $300 an hour to $5.15 an hour! But I told myself, all I had to do was put in the time and leave the headaches to someone else. I even had myself convinced for a while. Working for a state government isn’t an easy task and I became so distraught from the financial struggle I became desperate enough to start looking into “self-help” programs.

Most of the programs have the right intention, and tell you how things in your life “should” be… But they don’t tell you how to get there! (Sounds like my old MLM up-line!) the gist of it was: believe in what you are doing strongly enough and it will manifest… Not… There is actually a system that can be followed if you can get someone to teach it to you.

On top of all that, I was told I had type ii diabetes and since I was the only one in my entire bloodline to develop this, I wanted to know why? About a year into my research and struggle to get a handle on the diet, an old friend “shared” a new product with me and of course, it was an MLM business. I signed up to get the product cheaper and had no intention of “selling”. But I had such fantastic results from the product I allowed myself to have high hopes again.

After approaching everyone I know in my new location (not too many as I’m pretty much a “loner” these days), I painfully realized people were avoiding me… Here we go again! So I got on-line and found my mentor… The guy who taught me what I’m sharing with you.

It may not sound like it, but I was always shy and had poor self-esteem. I doubted my abilities and wasn’t sure I was worthy of accumulating wealth. I didn’t trust people anymore, I wanted to be left alone, and decided no one would listen to me anyway. Plus, why make money? The government or someone will just take it!

If you made it this far, hooray for you! Guess you are serious about getting answers! Even though you may be thinking: “are you joking? I want help for my MLM business and to make money, not for my head!”

The self-help shouldn’t be some funky nonsense. Find a program that is backed by hard scientific evidence, fact based testing and phenomenal testimonials! A program designed to let loose your inner millionaire by allowing you to reprogram your subconscious. Hey, we don’t give our permission to be programmed by the tv and movies, but it happens every day. Why not take the “bull by the horns” and get rid of the negative programs and put in positive programs. Believe me the successful MLM businesses are run by folks who are in touch with their “inner winner”!

Granted, I’m supposed to be showing you how to get leads and grow your MLM business to stupendous proportions. And I believe I am. However, what I know won’t do you any service if you just continue to allow your subconscious programs keep you from success (just like I did). Specifically success in your MLM business. At least consider this avenue — a different approach (angle).