Unlock Business Abundance Through the Power of Appreciation

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what you have into enough and more than enough. Let me share with you a bit about what I mean…

Gratitude turns denial into acceptance.
Gratitude turns chaos into order.
Gratitude turns confusion to clarity.
Gratitude creates a vision for tomorrow.
Gratitude has an energy of its own.
Gratitude gives light to darkness.
Gratitude turns a house into a home.
Gratitude turns meal into a feast.
Gratitude turns a stranger into a friend.
Gratitude can turn a lack of clients into an abundance of clients.

So you want to be grateful for the unknown blessings that you may not be able to see, but are already on their way to you…

Now, this is true…

Energy POOR entrepreneurs believe their success is primarily their own doing. They believe in the self-made person theory.

And this is also true…

Energy RICH entrepreneurs are aware that all good things come from the spirit of love and appreciation. This energy lightens a heavy heart and there is nothing more attractive than appreciation…

So here are three keys to unlock the gratitude in your heart and activate more abundance in your business:

Key #1: Reach out to loved ones. Take a moment and think about how your loved ones have helped you though rough times. Any time that someone was there to help you pick up the pieces and to give you support when you needed it. Take a moment to thank them… be it your mom, dad, sister, brother, husband, wife or best friend.

Show your appreciation for all the support they’ve shared with you in the past and then be willing to ask them to celebrate all that is still to come for you by keeping their eyes, ears and hearts open to folks who would be a match to your service. The amazing thing is that people – especially loved ones – are always happy to help. It makes them feel good!

Key #2: Reach out to clients. It’s SO very important that you show your current and past clients your appreciation for their business. Show them you are grateful by sending them cards, gifts and notes of appreciation. Just because you truly feel appreciative for the opportunity to serve!

This creates an open door for your current clients to be served in the highest way and to have them willing to share their experience with others. Clients that you truly enjoy serving will give you wonderful referrals because they know the genuine energy of your services first hand. This energy will have people keeping you in mind for months and sometimes years! Therefore either coming back for more or referring people or both!

Hint: Also always send an appreciation gift to the person who sends you a referral. Send this gratitude gift immediately.

Key #3: Reach out to potential clients. This may sound tricky but you can show your gratitude to potential clients by activating this energy in ALL of your marketing.

This is a huge difference from marketing with energy such as fear (“What if people see me as a fraud?”); manipulation (“How can I get someone to buy what I have?”); disbelief (“I’ll never get any clients”); frustration (“I’m wasting my time!”); desperation (“I have to pay my rent!”); annoyance (“People are so stupid!”); self-deprecation (“I’m no good at this…”)

I invite you to utter this truth before you use any marketing tool or begin any marketing campaign:

“The light in me, solutes the light in you.”

AND do this consistently.

The result? Consistent flow of new clients.
Appreciation is an extremely attractive energy.

Your Call To Action:

1. Check in – what do you have to be grateful for and celebrate about in your business?

2. Share this appreciation with those who are personally close to you, those that you serve and those who are on their way.

3. Be open to receive.

4. Remember: Appreciation = Attraction.

The One Tool You Must Have to Manifest Business Abundance

Setting clear intentions for your business is the opportunity to take full responsibility for creating your business the way you really want it to be. When you set an intention, you first get very clear about your desire, and then you ask for guidance by being willing to partner with the divine without a sense of entitlement or demand. Then the energy of your desire is sped up, because you’ve actively embraced your ability to solve any problem that comes your way.

Think of it this way:

Intention = Desire + Asking For Guidance = Sped Up Energy = Manifestation

It is an activation of a supreme confidence that you will put the right energy into your actions and into the resolution of any problem.

Getting very clear about what your intention is keeps you on a focused path and your energy running clean. It helps you to stay away from the “I should”, “I ought to, “I have to” or other fears and doubts that may creep in when making business decisions.

You want intentions to be at the forefront of every move you make in your business.

Inner Intentions:

Setting an inner intention for yourself allows you to get clear about how you want to feel, what energy you want to activate. Your desired feeling state is what lies beneath any physical desire.

For example, you may tell yourself that you want more clients. But, why do you want more clients? What do you believe more clients will give you? What are you REALLY wanting?

By clearly setting an inner intention right from the start, you will begin to take actions that connect to that inner intention. If your inner intention is happiness, your body will really feel it if you start to do something that doesn’t make you happy.

Trust me. Eventually, all of your actions will begin to automatically line up with your inner intention (and if that’s what you REALLY want anyway, isn’t that a HUGE YAY?) You will start to do whatever you have to do to avoid that which does not match your inner intention. And miracle of miracles, your outer circumstances will respond to your inner intentions as well.

Hint: It doesn’t matter if you don’t know HOW to create that inner intention. All that matters is that you get clear about it. Actually, anything worthwhile that I’ve manifested I never knew the how of it; I just believed that it would be so.

Outer Intentions:

Setting an inner intention puts your energy on solutions by removing the “unwanted” first from your mind. Your outer intention puts your focus on what you want to create. This moves the focus away from only “what is” to “what will be”.

If at this moment you have three clients but you want ten, and you continue to focus on “only having three clients”, can you guess where your client numbers are going to stay? That’s right-at three!

By setting a clear outer intention you keep your focus on forward rather than on stuck, and even more importantly, away from “not enough”. This is the biggest stumbling block (and I’ve done it myself) I see entrepreneurs make-they cling to how much they do not have. It’s used as a rationalization, reasoning and proof that “it can’t be done”. It doesn’t even matter what it is. I’ve heard it used every which way.

If you find that you do this, starting right now, begin to raise your energy level by keeping yourself connected to YOUR inner and outer intentions.

Your Call To Action:

1. Take a moment to get connected to your own, personal, Success Field. Really feel that force around you.
2. While really tapped into your energy, bring to mind something you desire to bring about for yourself and your business.
3. Now what’s the feeling behind your desire?
4. Turn that into an inner intention.
5. Go back to your business desire. What’s an action you could take that would support the creation of that desire?
6. Turn that into an outer intention.
7. State it out loud:

“My inner intention is ________________”

“My outer intention is ________________”

Abundance and Wealth


Abundance of wealth comes in so many forms. We strive for abundance of health, happiness, joy, love and of course, money. When we achieve these forms of abundance, our lives open up in new ways. An abundance of money allows us to create our lifestyle the way we want to live it. Whether that be the big house, the expensive car, the dream vacation, being able to stay at home with our children or perhaps helping out others to reach their dreams. When we are abundant, our lives change. This change can be overwhelming at first, but when we realize the full potential we have to change our lives around us, it becomes very exciting; knowing that our dream is within our own reach!  We have the power to change not only our lives but those around us.  Now that is exciting!

When we believe in ourselves we know and recognize how we all deserve abundance in every form. As we work daily on ourselves , we slowly evolve and abundance becomes more obtainable that ever.  Sometimes, we may find it difficult to focus. However, with a simple 15 minute meditation daily, manifesting our desires become easier.  Exercising our mind through meditation allows our true power within to be brought to the surface.  Whether you are manifesting an abundance of money, health, joy, love or happiness, the process of meditation will bring it about faster. 

Obtaining abundance is the realization that what our minds believe and conceive we therefore will achieve, as Napoleon Hill says it best.