Purpose And Prosperity For Small Business

Is it time for you to fulfill your greater
purpose in your business and know that you can
have prosperity as well?

Do you want to attract all the right clients you
need, knowing that you are giving excellent value
and making a difference in people’s lives?

You probably don’t want to focus on money and yet
you want to feel abundant and bring prosperity
into your business. You might be
tired of struggling financially while you dream
about how your business could make a difference
to many people.

The true problem is that you want to realize your
real purpose and be able to express that meaning
through your business, and at the same time you
want to bring prosperity to yourself and others.

So how do you bring Purpose and Prosperity
together in your business? It has to do with
acknowledging the spirit of your business or the
vital force within yourself and your business.
Within this context of spirit, Purpose and
Prosperity co-exist. You cannot have one without
the other.

Of course you want people to feel that life force
when they come to you for your products or
services. In fact, without the spirit people
just won’t be attracted. Imagine if you were
cooking a meal for someone but you had no energy
for it so you just depressingly went through the
actions and threw stuff into a pan and then
served it. People wouldn’t want to eat it even if
it looked like it should be good. There would be
no life force. The spirit or life force is what
attracts people and when that is full and rich,
purpose and prosperity are mutually inclusive.

So how do you assure your customers that you are
real and full of life?

Think about your favorite restaurant. You can
smell the good food and it looks beautiful and
feels good. You just know that it is real, full
of life and nurturing.

This works the same with any product and most
importantly with people. People are attracted to
people whose spirit is shining.

There are two things that help any business to be
real and grow.

1. Understanding that growing a business is all
about relationships.
The more people you can start a “real”
relationship with the better for your business.
Real relationships are about listening to people you meet.
Find out about who they are, what makes them tick.

This probably makes sense but how many people do
this everyday? How many new people do you meet each day?
You might feel great when you do connect with new
people but the real challenge is to learn how to
do this everyday in a sustainable way. This means
sharing your spirit, listening, and allowing.

2. You must embrace success. You cannot offer
anything to anyone if you don’t have it, whether
it is money, support, or food. Success is a
state of being-ness. It is a state of mind, and
from that place, good decisions are made as to how to
run your business in sound, tried and true
principles. Make a decision to do anything you can think
of to cultivate success in your being. I make anew vision
board each year with pictures and words that keep me
focused on my goals. What works for you?

Focus on developing these two things and your
business will begin to reflect its real spirit in the

Attracting Abundance, Wealth, Health and Happiness Into Your Life

What are you thinking about right now? Really. What were you thinking about 30 minutes ago? Do you know? Was it about your boss, kids, parents, the computer, errands, or how much someone annoyed you?

Well, if it was anything mundane or negative, you will Not be attracting prosperity, health, wealth and happiness into your life. You’ll be attracting the stuff that you don’t want. Keep reading and I’ll show you how to change all that.

It’s not easy becoming aware of your thoughts If you’ve never done it before. But with a little practice, it’s simple, and the steps I’m about to show you become automatic, like brushing your teeth in the morning. Most people have negative self talk, and think negative thoughts throughout the day. We all do it, not realizing we’re doing it and what it’s doing to our future. Our minds are always going and thinking, processing and judging. We’re going through the day unconscious, not making the choice of being in control, like we should. We have 40,000 – 50,000 thoughts per day. Isn’t that crazy? Now that’s unbelievable when you really think about it. How many of these thoughts are positive? Not many, unless we’re working on it, consistently.

Wouldn’t you like to change that, and make it better? I mean after all, it is your mind, and with our own minds we can control our own future. Make it brighter, more loving and abundant, even wealthy. It’s your choice. Can you make a commitment to yourself to have a better life? I want you to “become aware” and just start noticing what you’re doing/saying and thinking, because that’s creating your future.

Ok…it’s not hard. I’m encouraging you! And soon you’ll be encouraging yourself.

Here’s your first assignment:

Keep a pad with you (find one now) and really start to get to know yourself. Write down your thoughts (and once you start doing this you’ll be getting some pretty great ideas – write those down too). And when you’re ready for step 2 (positive affirmations), get going with reprogramming your negative, or even neutral thoughts with some positive thoughts, like I do. It will change your life, like it has changed mine. Drastically. Beautifully. Positively! Abundantly! Let’s get going. We’re in this “better life thing” together.

Remember these following steps… (4 A’s and 1 G)

AWARENESS – become aware of your thoughts (if you need a reminder, wear a special ring or bracelet, leave yourself a note, or put a small mark on your hand or finger).

AFFIRMATIONS – reprogram yourself to think positively by saying affirmations whenever you can throughout the day, and to also ask for what you really want. Receive as well as give. Weed out the negative thoughts from your mind. Walk away from complainers if possible. Here are some positive affirmations for you: I attract money, prosperity and abundance into my life now. Money flows to me easily. My income is increasing daily. I attract loving and successful people into my life.

ACCEPTING – ideas and new thoughts that come to you, even listen to conversations around you, books that you happen to see, music playing, pamphlets that are around, etc., and be open to new information – this could be a clue for you.

ACTION – take concrete steps toward change and your personal goals (could be to just write down your thoughts at first, or doing daily research, reading, etc).

GRATITUDE – Always give Thanks, and make it a daily habit throughout your day. Thank yourself, your family, new ideas, people you meet, the food on the table and feel the warmth of gratitude within your being.

(Print this out if you need to, or get your new pad out and make these steps your first page)

Now you’ve got the Law of Positive Attraction in your life! Congratulations! Remember that whatever you think about, you will attract into your life. If you’d like more information on the Law of Attraction, positive attraction and Your 7 Free Lessons (click on the link).

The Process of Creating a Business Plan Teaches You Many Things

An investor, banker or lender will demand a plan before they make any financial commitment. Besides being a prerequisite to getting finance for your business, a plan also is a blueprint for efficient management of your new business.

It can be argued that in a fast-changing market, a business plan may quickly become obsolete. However, the insight gained from the planning process can prove to be an invaluable experience and come in handy to deal with the various challenges your business throws up from time to time.

A Plan Creates Tactics and Objectives

A plan describes the long term vision of your venture and the objectives you aim to achieve during a given time frame. It will also detail the tactics and strategies deployed to reach those objectives. A well structured plan will provide the basis for operational budgets, business procedures and management controls.

It must be remembered that no two plans are exactly the same, ever. Every plan is tailored to meet the specific needs of a business situation and the industry it operates in. For instance, a business plan for a coffee shop will be vastly different from one for an internet café. An internet café business document will have more technical details about the equipment and the type of hardware and software used whereas a coffee shop plan will focus more of the operational part.

While there is a lot of emphasis on the presentation, the substance of a business plan is most crucial. The tactics and operational strategies discussed in the plan should be practical and justify how they will help in achieving the end objective. There are various reasons for creating a business proposal. For large organizations, it is an ongoing process to steer the business in the right direction and plan for the crucial cash flow during various stages of growth and development.

Why the Process of Creating a Plan is More important than the Plan Itself

For large companies, business planning is needed to launch a new product. In such cases, the focus of the plan will largely be on investment appraisal. It is commonly believed that business documents are used for setting up a new business and for raising funds from investors. However, those are not the only reasons why companies and entrepreneurs develop a plan. In most cases, more than the value of a plan, the process of creating one is rather critical.

Plans are useless but planning is indispensable – the famous words of former U. S. General and President, Dwight Eisenhower aptly capture the reason why business planning is extremely critical for the success of any business venture. Whether it’s a business plan for a coffee shop or for a technologically driven engineering firm, the planning process helps entrepreneurs and others involved with the business understand how the business will evolve and adapt in the changing markets.