Whales Teach Abundance

Several years ago, I found myself in Southern California, trying to find work and not having much luck. I lived in Panama and had left my Panamanian husband back home, as he did not have a travel visa to enter the USA. As a U.S. citizen with higher earning potential, it made sense for me to return to earn some money. I was house-sitting for some friends in Beverly Hills, and even though it was fun to be surrounded by all the beautiful and expensive homes, it seemed to painfully accentuate the fact that I had very little money and was far from home and my husband.

I looked for work as a movie animal trainer, my career for 20 years previously. But as I had owned an animal actor company myself, I found that other companies viewed me a potential competitor and didn’t want to hire me. I also was trying to start a new business that I was very excited about, but was not having much luck selling my idea to potential clients.

It was a difficult time. I am normally a very positive person and am usually able to keep moving forward and feeling good, but it was not easy with the constant strain of very little money coupled with no luck with the new business on top of the separation from my husband. Not a good combination, new business and no capital to back it with no emotional support system.

I was invited to travel to Northern California to assist in a Dolphin Heart World weekend seminar. Dolphin Heart World is a school taught by Linda Shay and David Rosenthal. It teaches you how to incorporate the life skills that dolphins embody into your human life — skills such as living in joy, flow, movement, abundance, and love. I had completed this training several years earlier. I also thought I could use the trip to explore more contacts for the new business in the San Francisco Bay area while I was up there.

I decided to drive my rental car (which I could barely afford) up the California coastline, something I had never done before. I was looking forward to the adventure of the drive and to getting away from Los Angeles for a few days. I decided to take two days for the trip so I could take my time, follow my intuition, and stop to explore interesting places along the way.

As I started the drive up the coast through Ventura and toward Santa Barbara, I could feel myself relaxing and leaving the stress behind. I drove along the beautiful coastline, constantly looking out at the ocean with hopes of spotting dolphins past the surf line as I drove.

My first stop was Morro bay. I drove through the town and looked at a few shops, and then went out to the beach where three pairs of sea otters were playing in the kelp beds in the bay. I got out of the car and sat and watched them for about an hour. I enjoyed their happy antics and felt thrilled to be able to happen upon them. What an amazing place, where you can take a drive and find sea otters!

I stopped for the night in the cute little town of Cambria. I found a cheap hotel room and then set off exploring in the late afternoon light, and was drawn to a beach where I saw about 20 chubby harbor seals hauled out on the rocks very near shore. A few other people were looking at the harbor seals too. The seals were so calm around the people, you could literally get within five feet of them, and they would look back at you as you looked at them. They seemed to be the wiser of the two species observing each other. The seals appeared very content and relaxed, while we humans kept bouncing around the rocks, trying to get closer to the seals, taking pictures and searching for the same feeling of peace, relaxation and general contentment with their world that they had.

The next morning I continued on up the coast and saw a sign, near San Simeon, for an observation point for elephant seals, so I pulled over to check it out. It was the season for the big bulls to haul out and molt their old skin. It was fascinating to watch these huge animals lie around and hump about to move their massive bodies. It was also quite interesting to listen to their deep guttural voices. I spent several hours watching them, as well as a few young seals with their mothers on the beach. It is so humbling to watch such raw nature in front of you, animals simply living their lives, completely oblivious to the humans watching them and driving past them at high speeds on the nearby highway. We tend to think the world revolves around us, and really we are such a small part of the world, but leave such a huge impact and footprint, and often not a very positive one.

As I left the elephant seals behind to continue their busy lives of sleeping on the beach while their new skin cells replace the old, I headed north along the ever more jagged and impressive coastline. I found it hard to concentrate on driving while passing such raw natural beauty: rugged rock cliffs rising above the Pacific Ocean, so many shades of deep blue and turquoise.

On that particular day it was quite windy, so when I saw some splashing out in the water a few hundred yards offshore, I thought it must be waves crashing into one of the many rock outcroppings. Then I saw the splash again, and something about it just did not seem right for waves hitting a rock. Then I saw a huge white fin. Whales!!

I pulled over immediately and hiked the short distance to the small cliff and watched several humpback whales playing and splashing about on the surface. They were waving their long, white pectoral fins in the air. It was great fun and amazingly, nobody else in the many cars passing by even saw them. It is so typical of us to stay closed off on our own paths, unaware of the incredible beauty of nature that is all around us. All we have to do is widen our awareness, and it’s amazing what we can find — maybe even whales playing just outside our car window!

After about 15 minutes, the whales stopped playing and moved further out to sea. I got back in the car and as I drove further North, I started thinking about abundance.

As I mentioned, I had been struggling with money and trying to come up with a way to earn a decent living that would allow me to stay in Panama with my husband. It is difficult for a Panamanian to come to the US, as tourist visas are not given out freely. The US considers anyone from a Central American country a potential illegal alien, and even being married to a US citizen does not guarantee a visa. Finding good paying work in a third world country is also difficult, especially since I did not have legal status to work in Panama. It seemed a nearly impossible situation.

So with all of this weighing heavy on my mind, I began to think about abundance as I drove. I thought about how in nature, animals do not struggle to find their food. They may work hard to get it, but they rarely struggle to find it. For example, a baleen whale simply has to open his mouth and filter out the water and keep all the krill inside. A deer or antelope simply puts its head down to eat the succulent grasses at its feet. A lion lives surrounded by potential prey. A bird has access to limitless supplies of fruits, seeds or insects, and so on. It seemed that having abundance in the life of the animals was a God given right.

We humans have created a system of money that we use to buy the things we need to survive, like food, housing, clothing, etc. Why was it so easy for the animals that are surrounded by abundance and so difficult for me and so many other humans struggling with a lack of money and abundance?

Then I realized that this concept of limits and barriers to abundance is something that we have created in our own minds. It seems many of us have a limiting belief that says, “Money is hard to come by,” or “You have to work extremely hard to earn enough money,” or for others, “I do not deserve wealth or ease in life.”

One limiting belief I had for many years was “If I do something good for the world, I must suffer for it.” Or, “It is not possible to earn a decent living if you are performing a service to the world.” Most of us have one of these or similar limiting beliefs, whether we are conscious of it or not.

Then an image popped into my head of all the animals being surrounded by all they need to survive, and an invisible brick wall that sat between me and my own natural right to abundance. I saw how our limiting beliefs have created this invisible brick wall, and that most of us have bought into this way of thinking. I also saw that because it is simply a belief system, all we have to do is become aware of how ridiculous this belief is and drop it. All that we need then will flow in beautifully.

I remembered a news report I had heard a few months before, about several American business men lost in the Amazon jungle for several weeks. When they were finally found, they were near death from starvation. This shocked me. I remember thinking, “How can you starve in the tropical jungle?” There is such a wealth of plant species with fruits, berries, animal & insect life everywhere you look. I could not comprehend how these men were starving when food was everywhere around them.

I realized that this was exactly like the invisible brick wall that we have created between us and the flow of abundance. To these American city dwellers, the jungle was so foreign that nothing appeared edible, or they had a fear of eating the unknown. I realized all we have to do is open our eyes to reality. That abundance is all around us to be had and utilized — just as the jungle was all around these unfortunate men, whose limited beliefs and knowledge prevented them from partaking in the abundance that surrounded them.

The planet Earth is designed to provide for all who live on her. Everything has its place and should be in perfect balance with all around it. There are enough resources on the Earth right now for every species, humans included, to have all their basic needs met, such as housing, food, water, clothing, fuel, etc. Unfortunately, so many humans fall into the belief of lack that there is not enough, and those in power hoard the supplies of money, food, oil, etc. This creates a sense of power and control among those who have the resources to buy and hoard the basic necessities. They live with a fear-based mind set, afraid to let go and let everyone have enough.

It is time for all of us to break down that invisible brick wall and open up to allow the flow of abundance that truly is here for each and every one of us. Abundance is a natural state of being.

After this thought process went through my mind, I remembered something that was taught in the Dolphin Heart World School: Whales represent abundance. Whoa! Could all of this line of thinking have been directed to me from the whales I had just seen? Whales are the very definition of abundance. They are the largest animals on the planet. Their massive bodies are abundance incarnate. Many of them eat some of the smallest animals, krill & plankton. Humpback whales, for example, consume between 4,400-5,500 pounds of krill, plankton and small fish each day! If a whale is not open to the flow of abundance, he will starve. They are truly masters of abundance.

The more I thought about the connection between the whales and abundance, the more I was convinced that, indeed, they did help me understand the limiting barriers we humans have created for ourselves. Whether it came from them directly via telepathic communication or my brain made the connection between the whales representing abundance and how humans are not in the flow of abundance really does not matter. Seeing the whales was the catalyst for me to really think about and see how we as humans are actually preventing the natural flow of abundance from entering our lives. I was truly humbled and grateful, and sent a telepathic message to the whales of my deep gratitude for helping me make this connection and see how to open myself up to the flow of abundance.

The rest of my drive went uneventfully and smoothly. I was excited by my realization about abundance. The Dolphin School weekend was fabulous and energizing, as always. I did spend several unsuccessful and frustrating days trying to market my new product in the San Francisco Bay area. After that, I returned back to southern California to continue looking for ways to earn money.

I wish I could tell you that I instantly was able to break down my invisible wall blocking the flow of abundance in my life. But old habits can be hard to let go of. After returning to Los Angeles and continuing to bang my head against the wall (no pun intended) with my new product and looking for work, one day an idea came to me.

When I had been in Panama with my husband, I had started to do tour guiding to my husband’s Emberá Indian village. My husband is a member of the Emberá Indian tribe, who still live in traditional villages in the jungles of Panama. His family lives within a national park and survives through eco-tourism. I had seen tour guides bring groups to the village and thought, I could do that. I have such an intimate connection with the Emberá people, and have the advantage of being a native English speaker, which tourists appreciate. I had contacted tour operators in Panama about being a tour guide and a few of them hired me as a freelance guide for tours, but the work was sporadic and provided nowhere near enough income to survive on.

Then while I was in LA, I heard about a website where I could make a free five-page website. I got lucky with a great domain name, http://www.EmberaVillageTours.com and got to work building the website. I had no money to promote or advertise the site, but I did have plenty of time, so I spent many hours building and then submitting my new website to every search engine I could find.

Within a week, I started receiving emails from people wanting to book tours with me, and sending deposits! Then I received an email from a journalist with the KLM airlines in-flight magazine who wanted to experience and write about Emberá village tours for the magazine to promote the inauguration of their direct flights between Amsterdam and Panama. So I booked her tour, and then booked myself a return flight home to Panama.

The tours were starting to come in, and though the income was still not quite enough to support us, our financial situation was improving. I felt like there was still something missing I needed to ‘get’ about opening myself to the flow of abundance. I did a lot of deep thinking, praying, affirmations, and reading about it.

Then all of a sudden in one week it all finally came together. A friend sent me an email with spiritual insights about abundance that resonated with me. Then two days later, I realized a limiting belief about money from my childhood: I had felt that I did not deserve to have what I wanted and needed in life. I had completely buried this thinking, and was not aware of it until that moment. So I consciously made the choice to let go of that way of thinking, and stated to myself and the Universe, that I DO deserve to have what I want and need in life.

In a self-help seminar I had attended many years before, I had heard that most people have one of two fears: the fear of success, or the fear of failure. At the time I quickly decided I had the fear of failure, and had assumed that was true from that day forward. Thinking about it again with all these new insights, I realized with a shock that, no, I did not have a fear of failure at all. In fact, I had had many failures in my life and survived them just fine. What I really feared was success.

I was floored. I had no idea I held this fear of success, but looking back over my life, I realized that it was true. I had had a number of small successes, but nothing long-term or stable. So I declared to myself and the universe that, as of that moment, I let go of the fear of success. I welcomed success in all my endeavors.

That night I went to bed with these new realizations swirling through my mind, and had lovely dreams of swimming with whales and dolphins. When I woke up, I knew that something huge had shifted. I felt different, lighter, more positive and hopeful.

As I drove out along the Amador causeway, a road that goes between the Bay of Panama and the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal, on my way to pick up tour clients, I felt an overwhelming urge to look toward the bay. I felt that I would see dolphins, though I never had seen them there before. The bay is actually quite polluted, so I thought I would more likely see dolphins on the Canal side where the water is much cleaner, but everything told me to look left.

Driving along, I kept looking to the left. As I neared an area where sailboats and yachts are anchored, I saw a dolphin jump completely out of the water! Slowing the car, I saw a small pod of about five dolphins swimming near the boats. I knew that this was the dolphins’ way of acknowledging and affirming all the inner work I had done regarding abundance. That is the one and only time I have ever since seen dolphins in the Bay of Panama.

From that point, the tours and customers kept flowing in. Websites like Trip Advisor were getting great reviews of my tours, and word-of-mouth referrals kept me extremely busy with Emberá village tours.

Now, I also lead whale and dolphin watching and swim trips in the Pearl Islands and Isla Coiba, here in Panama.

At our lowest point, my husband & I, literally had eight cents between us, and were living in $10 a night hotels (the kind that hookers use for their business). I had sold my car and all my furniture, including family heirlooms, for us to have money to eat and live.

Now, we have more than enough work and have rented a lovely home in a very nice area near the Panama Canal, with the jungle in the back yard, a car bought and paid for, and we just recently purchased a 12-passenger van to carry our tour clients. Life is good.

If I had not seen the whales that fateful day, I might still be stuck behind that invisible brick wall, instead of accepting and opening myself to receive the natural and deserved flow of abundance that this world has to offer all of its creatures — animal, plant and even humans.

Thank you, whales!

Abundance Challenges? Frustrated? Need a New Outlook?

If you don’t think abundance challenges take work, then don’t bother to read this, you’ll be wasting your time. I don’t like wasting my time and I prefer to work with people who recognize there is more than one way to grow an MLM business, and if it means stepping out of their comfort zone to get results; so be it, they are willing! Too many people have failed because they don’t know the game their subconscious is running. Everyone has heard the statistics about people who win the lottery… 95% of them are broke again within three years! That’s the workings of the subconscious programs running their thinking.

What about women who get into relationships with men who beat them? They seem to only find women beaters over and over. Their subconscious is running the show. Do we do this to ourselves consciously? Of course not. And, I don’t want to see you impair your MLM business when I can help you avoid it. If you really want to make scads of money, what happens if, I’m right?

Then it’s time to look into self-help. Yes, self-help. Find a self-help program that doesn’t get you psyched up only to let you down. And doesn’t make you drudge up old painful memories. It should clear out the old programs and help you put in new ones; like: I deserve to be wealthy in my MLM business, have outstanding relationships and a perfect life. No pain, just gain! Sound good? Now, I know how to recognize and get rid of subconscious programs before they sabotage me and my MLM business. You can learn this, too. I’m just making you aware of why people live ground hog day their entire lives.

Now to the nitty-gritty. A personal story: when I was around 13 I enjoyed singing and joined glee club in junior high. My goal was to be in the coir (a kids dream). But this kid was shy to the point of being backward, and when the teacher would make us sing the scales in front of our peers, I would die inside. Actually, I was a pretty gifted singer and could cover three octaves and was classified high soprano. At the end of the year, the teacher was quite agitated because someone was off-key! Oh yes, it was me.

I’m a girl, my voice isn’t supposed to change! But it did and I was called out and humiliated in front of the entire group. In public, since then, I have never been heard singing. The sub-conscious program: I’m a dreadful singer, no one wants to hear that squealing, I should just keep quiet and make-believe I’m singing, I give people migraines, I have a hideous voice. It must be the truth because that’s what the teacher said! Oh thanks, teach! Good thing she wasn’t my MLM business up-line!

Now there’s a precise example of how negative programs are downloaded into our subconscious. Sadly, most of the programs we “take in” are much more subtle, and we aren’t even aware of the fact that we are being programmed! I still don’t sing, not even in the shower. Even though I am aware of the program, my voice has never recovered! But the most awful thing I accepted from that experience was: “don’t set goals, you’ll just get disappointed.” Kind of tough if you have an MLM business!

Almost all of what I’ve been through in life has been experienced by a friend, family member, or I saw it on television or in the movies. Hey, do you think I could have gotten any of my negative programs from them? I don’t fault anyone, it’s a fact of life. I do take accountability and choose to do something about all my disrupting programs! Fortunately my family knew nothing about MLM business. Can you imagine what kind of negative programming I would have picked up there?!

You may know the definition of insanity is… Acting like you have always acted and expecting a different result. Like, looking in the fridge and expecting some new food to appear before you go shopping! I put a little twist on a common saying: if you always think the way you’ve always thought, you’ll only get what your subconscious has bought! This doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you or anyone else. However, ask yourself: “do I see any repetition in my life and/or my MLM business?” “Could it be a downloaded program?”

I promise I was even more doubtful than you probably are. Give yourself the opportunity to have a pristine, joyful, gratifying, incredibly wealthy, life of prosperity in every sense of the word. Give yourself the advantage of doing some research and go from there. Relax, most programs today aren’t any of those sentimental “pour your heart out stuff”. They are enjoyable, quick, effectual, even fun! Do yourself a huge favor and try something different! That is… Unless you don’t want astounding healings, incredible success and wealth, and powerfully loving relationships not to mention a productive MLM business.

7 Sure Fire Ways to Double Your Business Profits Fast!

Business can be relatively simple and should be kept simple to make it easier to make the greatest amount of money.

Here are some of the ways that we have found have worked best in improving businesses.

1) Get crystal clear on your numbers by asking yourself and answering the following questions –

– how much are you making or losing gross/ net annually, monthly, weekly, daily?
– how many customers/ transactions do you service again annually, monthly, weekly daily?
– what are your operating expenses/ fixed costs?
– what is your break even point?
– what is your average price point?
– how many ways are there for you to lower your break even?
– how many ways are there for you to increase average price point?

2) Sell More –

According to the 80/20 principle, the rule is that 80% of your profits come from 20% of your customers. So, the logical follow on is that you should identify and court your best customers, helping them to buy more and decide whether or not to continue to deal with the ones that eat up all your time, and don’t make you any money.

Questions –

– who are your most lucrative customers?
– what is the best way to measure this?
– what differentiates them from your average customers?
– how can you sell more to them?
– what do they want?
– how can I increase the number of these type of customers?

3) Cut expenses –

What are you paying for that you don’t want, or need or that doesn’t serve you or your business? Be brutal, if you don’t need it, get rid of it. What do you delegate or ignore that you shouldn’t, that needs your attention, and is costing you money? Make a list of your expenses. This is powerful and will increase the efficiency of your business.

4) Pay attention to debtor due days

A really simple way to drastically improve cashflow is to reduce debtor due days. This means that instead of getting paid by your customer in 60 or 90 days you get paid in 14 or 30 days, or even better in advance. Become cash rich, instead of acting as a bank, and then a debt collector to your customers,

5) Increase creditor due days –

If you’re paying in 14 or 30 days or even in advance then negotiate with your suppliers citing the consistency and quality of your relationship, and your ability to pay. Explain that you will pay promptly on the new due date and that they will not have to chase you for payment, and many of your suppliers will be happy to agree to the new arrangement.

6) Use direct marketing rather than advertising –

Does your advertising work, most people don’t know. But all too frequently the answer for those who do measure is “no, not really.” You see its the measuring part that is really critical. Again, coming back to the 80/20 rule if you can figure out the 20% of the things that you do that work, and stop doing the 80% that don’t, you will see phenomenal results.

This is the foundation of direct marketing. We suggest you begin by collating the personal details of all your customers, name, address, email, date of birth etc. In reality, the more you know about your customer the better.

Very simply you can then contact your customer directly by phone, mail, email whatever you choose when you have a deal or an offer that you feel may interest them. You see common sense dictates that those who have already done business with you will be more inclined to do more business with you, if you have met or exceeded their expectation previously (and sometimes, even when you haven’t). People like what they know – comfort zones!

7) Keep sharpening the knife – if you have a good idea, test it. Stay at the front line of your businesses future by mixing with people who make things happen and attend as many e opportunities to network and business development seminars as you realistically can.